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About Us

We are a community-based, volunteer-driven organization that offers after-school activities and engagements for young minds. We engage children in development-based activities that creatively engage them and keep them off the streets after school hours. We teach them, but that's not all we do. We provide a platform for children to connect, share, learn and grow. We try to fill in the void in the curricular and extra-curricular growth and development- that is not available to these children at home.

We have a completely volunteer-driven approach so we have our volunteers (and kudos to them!) impart knowledge and skills, counsel the troubled kids, listen to them or just spend time with them, all in a community park! Our unique learning process ensures that open spaces help in making children comfortable without introducing the dread associated with classrooms while saving hugely on operational costs. The freedom associated with outdoors is also conducive for a healthier environment. The vagaries of the Delhi weather do not deter our little brave-hearts, who turn up everyday, come rain, sun or freezing cold!

The community-based structure ensures that children look forward to this comfortably-paced interaction with their peer group as well, while the parents can also get involved or just observe from the sidelines, if they so wish. Sometimes the parents are happy to learn too, so we have started a literacy class for them too! We ensure that there's something for everybody to do.

Currently, we have 10 volunteers and more than 75 kids from a Jhuggi-Jhopdi cluster who come in everyday and learn a little and teach us a lot.

We do not ask for your money, but we do ask for your time. If you have some skills, and if you are willing to spare some time for us, it would be an honor for us to work with you. A skill is a skill, and we have tremendous respect for your skills and sufficient space for you to fit in. It does not matter what you know and what you don't, what matters is what you can share. So for example, if you are a Maths or Science graduate but now a home-maker, you can help our older ones with these subjects. If you are a creative sort who can do wonders with needle and thread, you can teach our older girls a thing or two about it. If you are a musician, please share the precious gift of music with our children.

We usually sustain our expenses through small monthly contributions coming through a group of friends. Like we said, we refrain from seeking donations. However, if there are times when we need help, we will share with you the details of the fund-raising initiative and if you identify with the cause, you can contribute to it. If it’s possible for you to procure anything for us, we will prefer that you procure the stuff yourself instead of giving us the money for it.

Please get active, please get involved, please spread the word and keep watching this space :)

What we do

Choti si Khushi tries to build  community eco-system for an inclusive, sustainable growth & development of marginalized section of community


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